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We're the Leading Suppliers & Exporter of Cereals, Fruits, Vegetables, Legumes..

Welcome to Mac Foods

Over the years we continue to supply foods like cereals, fruits, vegetables, legumes etc for both home and foreign markets.


Since 2009 Mac Foods  has been Supplying all kinds of food in East Africa, Europe & Beyond. Our supplies and exports range from Cereals, Fruits, Legumes and much more for retail and food service customers. Our mission is to offer  wide range of products to our customers. Whether you are a distributor, retailer, restaurant or hotel we will work to meet your individual needs from product sourcing, procurement, loading, proper documentation and port delivery.  Our customers in over 20 countries enjoy the benefit of combining both retail and food service requirements on a single order making for optimum selection and returns.Red Fruity Hot Pepperoni Sharp Spice Paprika

We have earned  “coordinated shipper” status with many major growers and shipping companies, giving our customers a competitive edge.  We are pleased to offer sea and air freight shipment options to meet your demand.

If you are a European food manufacturer looking for  products.  We offer an all-in-one package by taking possession of the goods and exporting them to the final destination.

Our experience in working with customers and manufacturers to obtain a market specific product is a value-added service that sets us apart from our competition.